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Soul Restoration, A Retreat at Willowbrook Farm

October 10, 2018 - October 13, 2018

Created by Melody Ross, co-founder of Brave Girls Club


Facilitated by Kristen Hansen, a certified Soul Restoration Instructor

Soul Restoration is to be held at Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm

A Soul Restoration retreat is a transcendent, creative, all-inclusive art + soul + life journey. This is your chance to slow down and get away from your everyday demands while you reunite with your best self.


The Soul Restoration Retreat creates a safe and sacred place for women to gather, connect, love, share, heal and create. Leaving the stresses, burdens and demands of your daily life behind, time slows down as you reconnect with your own beautiful inner truth. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition more deeply and fully, to bravely hear the whispering and yearning of your soul, and to see your worth and reunite mind, body and spirit as one.

Soul Restoration is a place where old worn out stories, woven throughout your life are released and rewoven, rewritten with new light, hope and self-love. Where a new awareness emerges, redefining your boundaries, allowing you to realize your full potential, discover your passion and walk forward with new strength, intention and life purpose… a soul restored.



Engage in the process of “soul crafting”, your chance to immerse yourself in art projects, collage, journaling, and other creative activities to lead you back to your restored self. All that you seek, you already are…. Unlock the beauty, the gifts, talents and strengths that you already possess but have locked away because life sent you on a different path than what you had hoped for.
Whatever the reason may be, your search for a “new way” awaits your discovery through the Soul Restoration process. A journey that is authentic, gentle, peaceful and enjoyable in helping you to sit down with yourself… to listen… and to hear your own soul again… to open your heart and mind through art journaling and the sacred act of writing down what you hear.


Willowbrook Farm is a historic 18th century rural retreat setting steeped in inspiration, tranquility, and nature. Enjoy a meandering creek, restful pond, pastures, gardens, historic architecture, and a nature preserve all exuding their own personalities to create a beautifully soothing environment. All activities will utilize various aspects of the farm to help you release the courage and motivation needed to get you back on track with your own restoration. Let us inspire, nourish and cheer you on as we help you find your own authentic self.

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Guests at Willowbrook Farm are immersed in our love for the attention to detail… from the meals we serve to the welcoming elements, we create an experience that will enrich your journey.

Dining Room

Our in-house caterer will be preparing food that beautifully accompanies you on this journey with healthy and fresh farm-to-table meals.

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Kristen Hansen, certified Soul Restoration instructor, brings to us her background in Positive Psychology which she began studying after her own adversity and loss. Kristen, along with the women from Life’s Patina, will lead you in a journey of restoration towards remembering what brings you the most joy, to know of and remember all of the things that make your heart sing. The dance is still within you, you just need to remember it.

 The Soul Restoration curriculum teaches you how to get unstuck, back on track and unleash the courage and motivation to stay on that track… to reunite with her soul.

Soulful living requires bravery… and bravery  helps put aside voices that are confusing, judgemental and opinionated. The Soul Restoration curriculum is intended to continue long after the course is completed… giving each woman a set of skills and beautiful tools that will carry her throughout her life.




Tuition Options:

  1. $1599 (including 4 nights shared room accommodations at The Residence Inn by Marriott in Great Valley/Malvern)

Private room options available. Please email Kristen@simplicitude.org for details.

~ OR ~

2. $1399 (without accommodations)


What’s Included

  • All meals provided:
    • Daily breakfast (if staying at the hotel)
    • Farm-to-table inspired lunches and dinners on the farm
    • Plentiful snacks and refreshing beverages all day long
  • Break out activities including yoga by the pond, a floral arranging workshop, and a creative cooking class, plus some surprises!
  • Daily shuttle from your hotel to Willowbrook Farm and back
  • Certified Soul Restoration course materials
  • Tools and art materials to help your creativity flow
  • Goodie bag to take home with you

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfare/travel arrangements to get to Malvern, PA
  • Ground transport from/to airport to/from hotel
What To Bring:
  • Comfortable and seasonally appropriate clothing layers
  • Any additional art materials that you’d like to bring (your favorite paints, embellishments and decor that go above and beyond what we provide)
  • One bottle of Mod Podge
  • Hiking shoes or running sneakers
  • An open mind and a loving heart


Please email meg@lifespatina.com with any questions!

Inspiring Words from Past Soul Restoration Students:

“From the moment I crossed the threshold of Kristen’s space I felt a serenity I had not known I craved.  She has created a safe haven where we are able to free ourselves socially, creatively, spiritually and physically. The aesthetics alone are so remarkable I could spend hours upon hours in silence and feel renewed.  But it is Kristen herself that brings light to the restoration experience. Her ability to nurture without invading is refreshing and rare. She is goodness and gentleness. She is laughter and encouragement and she has a gift for bringing people together, who have never met before, and making them feel like they’ve been related since ancient times.  Thank you, Kristen!”

– Cori

“I came into soul restoration hoping to free myself from past mistakes, “Baggage”  that I felt was holding me back or weighing me down.  It exceeded all my expectations.  The staff was kind, friendly and compassionate. The environment was amazingly peaceful, beautiful, inspiring, and fun!  The food and snacks were so nice. Creating art was healing and has left me with beautiful and inspiring reminders of what I learned and of who I want to be.  I gained a feeling of peace, a feeling of wholeness, the assurance that I am good enough and the power to keep going even through hard things.  I now feel like regardless of what life throws at me, I can be happy through it.   I have been able to discover a sense of what my purpose is here and I have a renewed desire to go after my dreams and fulfill my purpose and goals.  By taking this time for myself, I have been able to be a better mom, better able to give and better able to serve those I love.   I have renewed myself, not just like a mere trip or getaway would for a little bit, but truly and deeply, and I know I can listen to and take time for myself and what I need physically, spiritually and emotionally on an ongoing basis.  I am already telling all my sisters, friends and family about how amazing Soul Restoration is!   I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the change and inspiration you have been in my life.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to associate with you and your staff!”


Cancellation Policy:
Registrants have one week (7 days – including weekends and holidays) to cancel registration at no charge. After the 7 day period is up, a $500 deposit will become non-refundable.  
ALL cancellation requests must be received via email at maggie@lifespatina.com to be considered and the time stamp on the email will serve as the date by which refunds will be calculated.  
Cancellation requests must be received as outlined above prior to the conclusion of the 7 day period in order to have a deposit refunded. (Cut-off time will be calculated based on the time payment was submitted.)  
Cancellation requests received after the initial 7 day period has passed will not qualify to have the deposit refunded.  

Finance fees associated with payment plans as outlined above are nonrefundable.  
After the initial 7 day period has passed, cancellations/refund requests are accepted on the following terms. (Please note: Refundable balance of tuition is calculated by taking the total tuition paid to date, and subtracting any non-refundable items as outlined above.) 
1. If the start date of the camp registered for is more than sixty (61 ) days away, registrants may receive 100% of the refundable balance of my tuition. 
2. If the start date of the camp registered for is between sixty and thirty-one (60-31 inclusive) days away, registrants may receive 50% of the refundable balance of my tuition. 
3. If the start date of the camp registered for is thirty (30) days away or less, registration becomes 100% non-refundable. 



Willowbrook Farm
1750 N. Valley Rd
Malvern, 19355 United States
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